publication design

Up in the Smoke

A visual and conceptual deconstruction of the rapid erosion of culture values.This work stems from the fact that rituals and traditions are slowly disappearing as festival plays a big part in culture beliefs as it offers people a sense of a social belonging by celebrating special occasions. Every festival serves a different purpose. There are festivals that are for celebration and there are those that are for commemoration.

Festivals such as Tomb Sweeping play a big part in the culture beliefs for Chinese. During Tomb Sweeping festival, families gather together to where their ancestors were buried to clean the tombs and offer food and incense. However, in this rapid erosion of culture values, more and more people do not understand the rituals and traditions that are passed down.

a documentation of the history, culture, how-tos guide, and understanding of the tradition of Tomb Sweeping Festival.
research, concept, art direction, editorial, publication layout, typeset

student project, 2016

Joanne Goh