Repersonalise Netflix
UX, 2021

Student project at LASALLE College of the Arts.
Contribution(s): User Research, interaction, UX design, prototyping & testing.
When users go on Netflix, their goal is to be able to decide on a title and watch it. However, not all users are always satisfied with the suggested title from Netflix. My annoyance with the limitation to the selection of content led me to a reinvention of Netflix’s browsing experience.

(︎︎︎Case Study/Prototype)

Dive into a New Experience

Often we find ourselves feeling lost in the homepage, scrolling through titles that seem about the same. You can now get out of Recommended For You and dive into a brand new experience.

Discover New Titles

Apart from recommendations from friends and Netflix Recommender, how else do you find new shows to watch? You can now discover shows by watching trailers of existing and upcoming titles.

Dominate Your List

When you found a show that you are interested in, an old film that you love or even a movie that you want to watch with your loved ones, you can now keep track of these shows right from My List.

Declutter the Chaos

As Marie Kondo said, “Discard everything that does not spark joy!”. You can now hide those titles into Watched History or remove it by giving a thumbs down. By doing so, you’re helping us to understand you better!